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Artist Biography

Janene Bouck is inspired by nature; most of her materials and subject matter originate from the Great Sacandaga Lake Area, the Adirondacks and her childhood home, the Mohawk Valley Region. In addition to creating artwork and decor, Janene also digitally restores photography at her studio in Broadalbin, New York. Janene Bouck is native of Upstate New York where she has worked as a graphic artist, kitchen designer, architectural designer and draftsperson. Janene studied drafting, interior design, and the graphic and fine arts at Fulton Montgomery Community College and Sage of Albany.She produces photography and photographic restorations under the DBA, Silent Photography.

Janene sometimes produces images using only the types of photographic editing techniques available in a darkroom. She also paints digitally, utilizing computer techniques to enhance the final image. In some cases, Janene builds her work from multiple photographs to create a collage of texture and light. Drawing on her education and experience in drafting, the graphic arts & interior design, she enjoys restructuring & embellishing while honoring the original form & aesthetic of her subject matter. Janene feels that rust, patina, and even decay often define her work, holding shadows more firmly. An environmental advocate, she often incorporates found materials in all her work.

Janene also creates art and one-of-a kind goods at her home business, Silent Jane Salvage LLC in Broadalbin, New York. Janene is inspired by nature and found materials; most of the materials used while creating Silent Jane décor & the subject matter of Silent Photography originate from the Great Sacandaga Lake Area, the Adirondack Forest and the historical Mohawk Valley Region of New York.


Artist Statement


My photographic work is selfish, beginning as an attempt to learn about my own motivations. I catch a significant moment of reflected light as it passes through a technological wonder. I take it home and privately judge the outcome. Then I decide what to share, which photos I perceive to be the best at capturing my emotional responses. Creating my work assists my personal struggle to find balance and peace, to understand my own responses to the world around me.

I share my work in hopes of exploiting the best qualities of human nature. I want to encourage contemplation of our everyday banality vs the enormous responsibility humans have as stewards of the Earth. Our home is a miracle; each member of our ecosystem, every living thing is a wonder not to be underappreciated or devalued. Every action or inaction of each individual shapes us all. The extraordinary measure of our time together, the infinite nature of existence and the delicate snippet of eternity we occupy on this gorgeous blue planet should be treasured, protected and coveted.