The Silent Story: about Silent Jane Salvage

Janene and Kierra

I started the work of Silent Jane Salvage in 2014, in response to a series of personal tragedies.

I lost my sister to Pancreatic cancer that began in her ovaries, spread through her GI tract, then settled in her Pancreas in the summer of 2013. From there, cancer took over her body; her life was extinguished in March of 2014. Wendy Bouck left behind a legacy that was filled with children who needed her. In a poor attempt to substitute the full-time support that she had provided to her grandchildren, I left my job and started working from home.

I became suddenly ill in August of 2014. I experienced an undiagnosed traumatic GI event that left me bedridden for weeks. As a result, my weakened immune system couldn’t protect me and I contracted Epstein-Barr Virus, developed pneumonia, and I experienced cardiac and other changes that continue to affect me daily. Because of these changes, I lost much more than my health. I also lost the ability to care for my beautiful great-niece and had to give up being her guardian.

Janene and Kierra, Story Time

After I recovered some of my strength, and with the support of Toby Hogan, my amazingly generous boyfriend, I decided to professionally pursue the work I had started in 2014. In 2015, Silent Jane Salvage became a home-based business.

I chose the business name for many reasons. I use Jane as a professional name simply because it is easy to remember and a contraction of my given name, Janene. Silent is a pretty funny oxymoron if you have ever met me. However, that is not the reason I chose the word Silent. For me, Silent is also a significator. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my twenties; a nasty, silent illness that affects 10 million people in the US alone. I am also reminded to be grateful for my health each day, even though I also experience chronic pain from the back injury at work that diminished my active lifestyle in 2013. None of my health issues are apparent and I do my best to remain silently humble, nothing I experience is life-threatening. Not in spite of this but BECAUSE of all this, I am specifically aware and reminded every day that I am blessed to be able to use my body and my mind to create.

Wendy Bouck

So many others are not as fortunate and cannot continue their daily tasks. I may have bad days. It is sometimes hard to attend a scheduled event, to keep that appointment or enjoy that party. I have to remind myself that I do not need to apologize for being sick. As long as there are good days I will treasure them. I work hard when I can. I hope to continue to share my art for a very long time and I hope you enjoy what I am able to offer, a silent view of this beautiful, wonderful, and terrible world.